Greetings. My name is Jeff Ollman.

I grew up in the country near Austin, MN, which is a small southern Minnesota town. I grew up with two brothers and a sister by the Red Cedar River. Growing up, ours was an idyllic existence. We had the river, the woods, and a golf course across the road. Our time was spent making forts in the woods, fishing, canoeing up and down the river, and of course, golfing. The outdoors always called to me and I’ve continued the outdoors journey in my writing, using many Minnesota locales.

Now, I write books—thrillers mostly, but I did pen a memoir scattered amid the others that explains more about who I am and how I became me. I’ve always wanted to write and finally started writing my first book in 2009. I’ve written seven so far and am in the process of writing the eighth with plans for another after that.

I currently live in southern Minnesota with my wife, Cindy. We own part of a townhome on the North Shore of Lake Superior and visit there often. It is the perfect getaway for us, and plays a major role in the book I am currently writing. It is about a hermit grandfather and a grandson he never knew he had. It takes place in Silver Bay, MN. I look forward to publishing it in the spring of 2022.

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